Why Digital marketing is a good career in 2022?

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digital marketing in nova scotia

Is digital marketing right for me or not?

Digital marketing is suitable for people who are always interested in updating their information.

Reading various articles and books related to digital marketing is something that should always be in your plans.

Analyzing the types of businesses and their competitors is very important.

Increasing demand for digital marketers

Due to the expansion of the digital world and the subsequent internetization of more works, all kinds of businesses are thinking of growing their business in the digital world more and better.

Digital marketing subsets:

1- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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2- Social Media Marketing

3- Pay-per-Click (PPC)

4- Content Marketing

5- Email Marketing

6- SEM – Search Engine Marketing

7- Marketing Analytics

8- Radio(podcast)Advertising

9- Mobile Marketing

10- Instant Messaging Marketing

11- …

Digital marketing revenue in canada?

The cost of advertising in the digital marketing and advertising market is projected to reach $ 12.33 billion by 2022.

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