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You may be interested to know that WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS) in the whole world!

What are the advantages of WordPress over other content management systems(CMS)?

WordPress is highly SEO friendly:

This cms has a better relationship with SEO than other existing content management systems and it is easier to optimize the website.

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Google is very supportive of WordPress:

According to the results, 37% of all existing websites use This CMS. In addition, 60% of the websites that use the content management system are WordPress!

Having different plugins:

WordPress has the most comprehensive and complete plugins among its competitors and there are many experts in the field of WP plugin development.

Being free:

Some cms are expensive but this system is completely free!

High flexibility:

High flexibility is one of its most prominent advantages. It can be easily expanded and changed with short coding.

Should I use WordPress to design my website or not?

Using WordPress for small businesses is less expensive. WP has ready-made templates that only need to edit content and colours and images, which can be very cost-effective for some people.

In addition, with wp cms, you can have a custom website.

Why should I design a custom site?

Custom site design makes your business different and more special than others.

Unlike ready-made templates, specialists can develop it well.


We have to choose according to the expectations we have from the website which type of website to use to give the best result.

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Our consultants can help you choose the best option by examining your business and analyzing your competitors.

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